Fos Lighting

Fos Lighting has developed, produced and provided decorative lighting more than a decade and has built its foundation on high quality customer service along with in-stock products.

The concept of Fos Lighting came up into existence because it required a simple way for people who are seeking a huge collection of lighting products on a specific budget as well as for starters operating as their personal contractors and designers.

Fos production department includes designers and engineers to assist organizations, design professionals and retail store customers to generate the desired products. All tasks are carefully managed and inspected from primary inquiry to packing and delivery. Fos Lighting long term experience has allowed to bring optimal workmanship to every project and it obtain great pride in the quality, materials and craftsmanship for the products. All light fixtures/ fittings are hand made and hand finished by artisans from around India and Material are locally derived a lot of the times. Superior quality materials like Brass, Stainless Steel or Aluminium are utilized for improving the durability.

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