5 बेस्ट ब्रांडेड वाटर प्यूरीफायर

सेहत के लिए साफ पानी पीना बेहद आवश्यक है और हमारे घरों में आने वाला पानी काफी हद तक शुद्ध नहीं होता। लेकिन अगर हम घर में वाटर प्यूरीफायर लगा लें तो पानी को शुद्ध किया जा सकता है जो हमारी सेहत के लिए फायदेमंद होगा। तो अगर आप भी अपने घर में नया वाटर प्यूरीफायर लगाने की सोच रहे हैं तो आइये आपको बताते हैं कुछ बेस्ट और ब्रांडेड वाटर प्यूरीफायर के बारे में।

1. Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier – कीमत 5,749 रूपए

  • Designed with state of the art 3 stage advanced UV filtration system
  • The high energy UV lamp provides greater UV intensity than a standard lamp
  • Fit-in UV alarm that automatically goes in action if the UV lamp stops functioning
  • Resulted from the latest innovations in UV technology protects drinking water from bacteria and viruses
  • Operating voltage: 100-300 volts; Power: 11 watts

2. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier – कीमत 7,820 रूपए

  • Intelligent purity sensor and mineral guard
  • Unique e-Boiling+
  • Auto shut-off, voltage stabilizer and smart indicators
  • Water sourced from municipal corporations, having low TDS, which does not taste salty
  • Purified Water Flow Rate: 2 litre/minute
  • Installation Type: Wall mounting

3. Hul Pureit Ultima Ro+Uv Water Purifier – कीमत 15,795 रूपए

  • 100% water passes through RO and UV to give completely safe water
  • Senses water upto 5000 times every sec to show the quality of input and output water
  • 6 stage purification with Stunning Looks, LED displays, 10 litre storage and TDS modulator
  • Digital Advance alert system – Alerts 15 days before end of life of Germkill Kit
  • Soft touch water dispensing – Easily dispenses water with just a press of a button

4. Blue Star Majesto MA3BSAM01 8-Litre RO Water Purifier – कीमत 10,049 रूपए

  • RO water purifier
  • Comes with Aqua Taste Booster (ATB)
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Comes with child lock facility
  • Capacity: 8 liters
  • Power: 24 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts
  • Includes: Water purifier

5. HUL Pureit Advanced RO+UV 5-Litre Water Purifier – कीमत 8,499 रूपए

  • Triple safety assurance of RO+UVM+ROPL and storage of 5 litres
  • Meets stringent international norm of environmental protection agency (EPA), USA
  • Highest level of TDS removal up to 1800 ppm
  • Capacity: 5 liters
  • Power: 55 watts; Operating Voltage: 240 volts
  • Includes: PP melt blown pre-sediment filter, Pre-RO carbon filter, Post-carbon sediment filter, Reverse osmosis membrane, UV chamber and Post-RO carbon filter

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